"FALCO V time trial bike, it does not get any hotter of faster than this!"


"A lot of great thinking behind it" and "the bike is anything but ordinary!"


"Could well prove to be a blisteringly-fast bike."


"Fortunately, ... (Falco) chose ... to make the baddest thing they can", "a real standout bike", and "the real beauty of this bike is that nothing about the design is watered down".

Bikerumor’s reviews

"The Chinese bicycle industry is like a bowl of oatmeal too many people adding water but very few adding cereal if this keeps happening, it will be a big pot of water left. Someones gotta add some cereal to it, and Falco is one of those companies."

Cycling China Magazine

"Super Sexy!"

Fuyu Li, three time national champion and former Radioshack Pro

"Your bikes are gorgeous and beautifully made"

Byron James, Olympic athlete

"That Falco is a hell of a bike! I like those beautiful lines."

Former European Championships podium finisher (unnamed for sponsorship reasons)

"I have not seen a bike with such combative spirit in a long time. One cant build a bike like that unless he has bikes melted into his blood streams."

Changkong, long time cycling enthusiast

"Top Innovation Award."

2012 E-ChinaCycle (Shanghai Bike Show)

"It is a fantastic bike. It is strong and stiff, no flex, but it takes the vibrations from the road very well. It answers directly when I accelerate. It is quick when the road goes up."

Christer Dahlin